The Car CCTV Camera and Its Positive Benefits

The Car CCTV Camera and Its Positive Benefits

The car CCTV camera is probably one of the most innovative technologies you could find in the present era. Surveillance cameras in ancient times may only be used in public open spaces or indoors. However, these devices are now starting to experience development too.

Now there is CCTV that can be placed in your car or vehicle. Many people may think that this is just an accessory. However, this bola 88 technology actually has many benefits for you. What are the benefits provided by this car CCTV camera?

The installation of this thing is usually at the front part or above the dashboard. It is done to ensure that the camera could reach as wide as possible the view ahead. It will maximize its benefits. Below are those advantages.

The Car CCTV Camera and Its Positive Benefits
The Car CCTV Camera and Its Positive Benefits

Real-Time High-Quality Recording

You should know that this device has a super sensitive lens. This tool can produce video quality and clear sound. The resulting video is in the HD quality so you can see the recording in detail. Another feature it has is a wide-angle lens.

Another technology provided is its ability to rotate up to 140 degrees. In addition, the lens can be adjusted according to your wishes and needs. The memory card space equipped for this car CCTV camera is also really much.

In the market, the average external memory for this surveillance camera is 16 GB and includes 2 GB of memory for the purchase package. This storage is more than enough before you back up all the data to a computer or laptop.

The Car CCTV Camera and Its Positive Benefits
The Car CCTV Camera and Its Positive Benefits

Easy and Simple Way to Use

Using this CCTV is also simple. To start recording you only need to press 1 button without needing to do too many settings. However, what if you forget to press a button and then something important happens? You don’t need to worry about anything.

This device will be ready to record even if you don’t press the button. It is because of the G-sensor technology which will start recording automatically if you break the vehicle suddenly and there is a change in acceleration to a speed that is too high.

The sensor works 60 seconds before and after the incident. The car CCTV camera is equipped with a built-in GPS. It will be easier for you to find the location of your automotive. Other data such as the route, conversation, etc can be obtained too.

The Special Software for the CCTV

Sophisticated right? When it is bought, you will be given a CD containing software that can be installed on a laptop or computer. This software can be used to view the surveillance camera recordings complete with all the information.

The cyclical technology there will recycle your old recordings to new ones if the memory becomes full and you haven’t backed up. Even so, it’s a good idea to immediately back up data as soon as an incident occurs to maximize the function of CCTV.

One more thing, this camera is also equipped with a satellite view feature and an energy source that does not use an external battery. You will never run out of it. The car CCTV camera uses a power supply obtained from the car lighter.