Various CCTV Lens which are still Used until Now

Various CCTV Lens which are still Used until Now

The CCTV lens is not the only one. They have various types, shapes, characteristics, and also functions. Some surveillance cameras may have a similar physical appearance. However, you should know that they may use different lenses.

The surveillance camera consists of several important parts or devices in it. One of these important devices is the lens. Yes, it is an important part that has its own function. When viewed in terms of placement, can this part be divided into several types?

Knowing this thing is so important. It is especially if you want to find the right surveillance camera for your need. Here is the CCTV lens information and also the type that it has. Make sure you read it carefully to know the difference.

Various CCTV Lens which are still Used until Now
Various CCTV Lens which are still Used until Now

Board and Pinhole Option

Board is one type of surveillance camera component that is placed on the inside of the CCTV. An example of using this part is on a dome device or surveillance camera with a dome or semicircular shape. It is placed in the glass or inside the device.

This board type usually has a lens focal point distance or focal length that is not changed or fixed. The second type is the Pinhole. Pinholes usually have a very small size which is smaller than the board. The resulting footage may appear underexposed.

However, if it is set in black and white, the recording will look dramatic. The use of this camera is to be placed on the sidelines of the wall or ceiling of your house. Just like the board type, the focal length at the pinhole cannot be changed.

Various CCTV Lens which are still Used until Now
Various CCTV Lens which are still Used until Now

The Amazing Fisheye Lens

You may often see this section in various places such as the automatic teller machine for example. You must have found a camera with a convex lens, right? That’s the fisheye used in many surveillance devices. Fisheye is usually used with metal applied to the outside.

This metal is made invisibility but will reflect an image like a mirror or glass if you see it from the outside. The use of this fisheye CCTV lens is usually to deceive because many people would not think that in a metal like a mirror there is actually a camera watching.

The image that will be produced by this type of component is wide or huge. That is why; so many people call it the panoramic effect. Just like many of the options above, fisheye also has an unchanged or fixed focal length.

Various Lenses based on Focal Length

The various types above are classified as a fixed one where the focal length is not changed or is fixed. Meanwhile, when viewed in terms of its focal length, CCTV cameras can be divided into several types such as. In addition, there is another type called varifocal length.

Then, there is also a Zoom lens. This type can perform focus point magnification that cannot be done by other types. To perform its function, this type of zoom uses a kind of motor so it is often referred to as a motorized zoom CCTV lens.